Sodium hypochlorite-based agents with a concentration of 500 mg/l of active chlorine to 1000 mg/l of active chlorine are indispensable in disinfection in all catering facilities (hotels, restaurants, cafes), service activities (hairdressing salons and beauty salons) as well as other activities and spaces that offer services to a large number of people (gyms, sports centers, spas, etc.).

According to the purpose and activity, disinfectants Aqualor H 500 and Aqualor H 1000 are recommended for disinfection of all work surfaces, objects (cups, plates, etc.), devices and props, contact surfaces (massage and cosmetic tables) that require a high level of cleanliness and absence of all harmful microorganisms.

Disinfectants Aqualor H 500 and Aqualor H 1000 were laboratory-tested and showed the effective killing of harmful microorganisms in a period of 1 minute