Disinfection is a set of measures taken to kill and inactivate certain harmful microorganisms in order to prevent infection of humans, animals, and plants.

The disinfection process can be applied as prophylactic or routine disinfection, liquid, and final disinfection.

Depending on the speed at which we want to disinfect as well as the environmental conditions in which we disinfect, there are three basic methods: chemical, mechanical and physical disinfection.

Aqualor H disinfectants are biocidal products whose active substance chemically destroys harmful microorganisms.

According to the intended application, biocidal products are divided into:

  1. Disinfectants and biocidal products for general use (PT 1 – PT 5), Aqualor H disinfectants also belong to this group, and according to their concentration they belong to the following groups:
    • PT1 – biocidal products for personal hygiene
    • PT2 – disinfectants and other biocidal products used in households and public health facilities
    • PT3 – biocidal products for veterinary hygiene
    • PT4 – disinfectants used for surfaces that come into contact with food for humans and animals
    • PT5 – disinfectants for drinking water

      For more information, visit the PRODUCTS section and in the description of each product, you can download the accompanying Decision on the registration of a biocidal product, which indicates in which groups the disinfectant in question is registered.

  1. Preservatives (PT 6 – PT 13)
  2. Biocidal pest control products (PT 14 – PT 19)
  3. Other types of biocidal products (PT 20 – PT 23).