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Aqualor H 500 is a disinfectant based on sodium hypochlorite (active chlorine) with a concentration of 500 mg/l which is effective against all viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The sanitizer is intended for disinfection of surfaces and hands in the household, cafes, restaurants, hairdressing and beauty salons, fitness and spa centers. It has a preventive effect against viruses from the Covid 19 family, fungi and bacteria. It has a laboratory certificate from the European Union no. 2020-10585 / 20 23 01110 – PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4.


This disinfectant is intended for all users who require impeccable cleanliness in their work and living space.

By applying Aqualor H500 – disinfectant, you will always be sure that guests in your hotel, restaurant, cafe, spa, gym, hairdresser, or beauty salon stay in a space that is clean and safe without the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Aqualor H 500 is completely safe and secure for disinfection of all surfaces that come into contact with food for humans and animals, but also for hand disinfection. The disinfectant is strong enough to remove harmful microorganisms and gentle enough not to damage the skin on your hands.

By applying Aqualor H500 you only need one minute for your health.

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